Quality Control

Quality Improvement Tools

Zenith Manufacturing inspection and process control tools are state of the art for checking and verification and control of part features and design compliance.

Lean manufacturing concepts promote checking parts on the shop floor and the use of "key characteristics" and "control plans" are encouraged to ensure that requirements are met while in the manufacturing process.
All work orders, regardless of size, are 100% inspected and a documented first article report is provided and protected in an electronic data base.

Acceptance gauging and instruments available for use are:

• Five Starrett Coordinate Measurement Machines utilizing "Measure Manager software by Metrologic Corporation.
• Model verification software (Apogee Level 4), is used to inspect via the model and meets the inspection authority requirements of Boeing D6-51991 "Control and Use of Digital Media for Catia and IGES."
• Precision layout and measurement using acceptance gauging calibrated to ANSI-Z-540 and ISO 10012.
• Transfer and impression scaling for areas or features that do not allow direct contact measurement.
• Optical measurement with digital data display for close tolerances.
• Statistical Process Control characteristics with Advanced Technology Assembly interface requirements.
• Testing: helium leak, conductivity, hardness with hard copy reports.

Calibration of CNC vertical milling centers including Boeing "ATA" calibration performed with laser technology.
Quality Systems are monitored by a certified ISO lead auditor with scheduled audits documented by cross functional certified Team auditors.

All audit records are maintained for review by customers, including third party records archived by our registrar
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